Summer Blog Promo Tour: Fun Fan Art with the Book Bratz

So this whole summer I will be a part of the Summer Blog Promo Tour (Check out the #SBPT15 hashtag on Twitter!) and I’m so excited for it!

Basically every week I will be featuring a different blog on here and you guys will get to know them! This will take place all summer long, so you guys will have plenty of blogs to check out over the entire summer!

So first up will be Amber and Jessica from The Book Bratz!!
I asked them to draw up some fan art from their favorite book and asked them why they love it so much, and here is what they did



Looking for Alaska has been my favorite book of all time since I picked it up years ago. I love her character and her ability to say “screw everything” and be herself!



I have no artistic ability at all. So the pictures where of things through out the novel and a quote I really liked!

Amber & Jessica are both high school girls and longtime good friends. They started The Book Bratz back in 2014 and spent all of their free time reading and fangirling about books. Some of their favorite activities include reading, writing, sleeping, eating, and texting (duh). Today, The Book Bratz and its followers have grown tremendously and they’re super excited to be the co-hosts of the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Drop on by to and say hi – it’s always a good time!

So there you have it! Thanks so much to the awesome girls over at The Book Bratz for the awesome artwork and for hosting #SBPT15

Until next time my loves! xo


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