Guess Who’s Back? Back Again?

***If you don’t know the reference to the title above, don’t worry cause I don’t either, I heard my friend singing it from awhile ago and I thought it would totally fit this post. If you do know the reference please comment it down below because I’m too lazy to Google it myself***

Hey guys! Its been awhile since I’ve last been on my blog. Between family emergencies, school, work and Babysaurus, blogging had to take to the backseat for a little bit. But reading never did!

I apologize for disappearing for so long, I missed you guys! For the next few weeks I’ll finally be posting up some review I had lined up, plus my very first Book Haul! I also have quite a few tags and lots of other posts!

I’m also so excited to announce that starting in 2016, I’ll be starting my very own BookTube Channel!

Again, thank you to everyone who sent out tweets and what not! I am so grateful to you guys, and thank all of you for your patience!

So stay tuned cause there’s lots of stuff gonna be going on here! Let me know in the comments what books you guys are reading and if you’re loving it or not?

Love you guys and see you in my next post xo!


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